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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Anchorage Alaska - How to buy Viagra in Roseville California

At the Sanctuary, we believe in the importance of both age-specific and inter-generational ministry. We provide opportunities for children and youth to learn and grow in a setting and style that is just for them. And, we also provide opportunities for all ages to connect. When children and youth have the chance to learn and grow in the midst of adults, they grow up with sticky faith…it’s the kind of faith that stays with a child into adulthood.

Birth – 5th Grade

Royal Hood is a safe, playful, creative, worshipful space for children birth-5th grade on Sunday mornings.

  • It is not babysitting, but intentional faith formation through age-appropriate lessons
  • Families worship together in the main auditorium and then parents and caregivers are invited to take their child to their Royal Hood rooms

In Royal Hood, we want to help your family develop lasting faith in your children, faith that sticks with them long after Royal Hood.

We seek to be:

  • a place of grace
  • a welcoming, intergenerational community within and outside the classroom
  • partners with families by equipping parents and caregivers to be the primary spiritual caregiver of their child

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Anchorage Alaska - How to buy Viagra in Roseville California

Our Curriculum

Royal Hood uses Tru curriculum on Sunday mornings. Tru is a spiritually-forming, family-empowering curriculum that equips children, leaders, and families to know Jesus and live out a vibrant lifelong faith. Tru curriculum engages the Bible chronologically through storytelling, conversation, activities, and more. A main focus of the curriculum engages wonder as a worship response to spark the Holy Spirit’s transformation in each child.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers model their faith inside and outside of the classroom, while forming the faith of our children in significant ways. Join the team (and get a cool Royal Hood staff t-shirt!) -complete an application, background check, and training.

Rose Lee-Norman

Associate Pastor of Family Ministry

If you have questions, concerns, prayer requests, or are a family in need of pastoral guidance, then please contact, Pastor Buy Viagra 25 mg in Clarksville Tennessee

6th – 12th Grade

Sanctuary’s Mosaic Student Ministry

Mosaic works with students by creating spiritually healthy relationships between adults and youth and equipping young people with resources and teaching to know and experience Christ while transitioning into mature Christian adulthood.

How do we do it?

The simple answer is we care about youth and we work hard to find ways to show them. In Mosaic, we’re all about engaging youth where they’re at to help them grow into emotionally healthy and spiritually mature adults.

Some places youth can get connected:

  • MOSAIC Sundays for Middle School – Sunday morning programming for Jr. High Students each week at our 11am service. Age-appropriate discussion, games, and fellowship with other youth and caring adults.
  • MOSAIC Wendesdays for High School – Gathering at 7pm and getting real, building a strong faith base to live out Christ-centered relationships in real life.
  • Events – Held monthly vary from month to month. Some events we have done in the past are bowling, scavenger hunts, broomball, Grand Slam, roller skating, and Valley Fair.
  • Service projects – 6-8 times per year out in the community.
  • Camps, retreats, and conferences – Adventures in Leadership, CHIC, M.U.U.U.C.E, M.O.V.E, VIVE, S.A.L.T. -, funny names for great adventures.
  • Young Life Summer Camps – Finding God in the great outdoors.

Tara Hollingsworth

Director of Mosaic Youth and Family Ministry

If you have questions, concerns, or family prayer requests related to students, please contact Buy Viagra 25 mg in Clearwater Florida.


At Sanctuary Covenant Church we desire to build lasting faith in our children and youth – a vibrant faith that is a part of their story long after their childhood and adolescents. We believe in nurturing that lifelong faith, parents/caregivers are the most influential models for children and youth. We believe a partnership between families and the ministry at Sanctuary Covenant Church encourages and equips families to be that influential model for their children. Therefore, Family Ministry Milestones are meant to creatively acknowledge and celebrate our children and youth’s faith story in the context of their church home.

A milestone is a marker that celebrates God’s presence and the church community’s involvement in your story of faith. Family Milestones are markers in your child, youth, and family’s faith journey. The purpose of milestones for families is to celebrate God’s work in each of our stories and highlight the natural transitions and seasons of life and the Christian faith. Below are some ways in which we want to celebrate and come alongside your family as you journey through faith together.

  • Birth or Adoption
  • Baby Dedication or Baptism
  • Communion Workshop

At Sanctuary Covenant Church we love to celebrate the important milestones in life. A milestone is a marker that celebrate natural transitions along the lifelong faith journey. We are so excited and humbled to celebrate this important moment with your family and walk alongside as we build lifelong faith together.

Register now for Child dedication or Baptism:

Tell us about your new baby or adoption: