Welcome to Sanctuary!

If you’re just getting to know us, or if you’ve been around for a while and are ready to get connected, we’re here to help you out!

For most people, their introduction to us is through our worship experience.

After the service, join us for Starting Point. Starting Point is an informal lunch gathering for anyone new to Sanctuary. It’s a chance for you to enjoy a free meal, meet our pastors, and hear a little more of the Sanctuary story.

Beyond Sundays, there are 3 ways to get really connected at Sanctuary:

LifeGroups are our primary vehicle for connection and spiritual growth. A Life Group is a group of 7-15 people who gather weekly in homes, coffee shops, and other public places for encouragement, study, fun, and, ultimately, growth.  Life Groups takes our large congregation down to a size where you can be connected to a few others.

The School of Biblical Studies is a series of bible studies and classes taught by our pastors and other experienced leaders. It’s more intimate and interactive than Sunday, so don’t miss the chance to deepen your faith in community.

Ministry Teams are an essential part of our discipleship and life together. It’s where God takes our gifts and abilities and puts them to use in meaningful ways. It’s also another opportunity to find deep, transformative connections with other believers. If you’re looking for a place to use your skills and gifts, contact our team about joining the right team for you:  serve@sanctuarycov.org

Like what you’ve experienced? If you’re ready to make Sanctuary your local church home, then learn more about Baptism & Covenant Membership at the Sanctuary.

Are you going through a rough patch? Need care and support in a confidential setting? Learn more about ways that Sanctuary can provide care and support for you and your family.