Covid-19 Phase 3 Update

Phase 3 Begins:

Due to the strong increase in availability of vaccinations and a decrease in cases of Covid-19, we’ve moved from Phase 2 of our Re-opening Plan to Phase 3. During Phase 3, we will begin to host some small in-person gatherings and continue prepping for a return to Weekend Services.

Phase 3 Overview

3-Part Approach to Phase 3
What are the particular parts of Phase 3 so that by the end of Phase 3 we are ready to host one in-person Sunday morning worship service?
  • Part 1: Small attendance at Wednesday night taping
      • Small attendance: max attendance of 30 people (including band, singers, staff, volunteers, and invited leaders/congregants)
      • As we begin to “go back” be clear to communicate expectations for ministry groups (ex. YAs, etc who consistently used the space before)
  • Part 2: Mid-size attendance at Wednesday night taping
      • Mid-size attendance: max attendance of 50 people (including band, singers, staff, volunteers, and invited leaders/congregants)
  • Part 3: Mid-size Sunday morning livestream of service (similar to what we were doing at the start of stay-at-home orders with a livestream service but include some invited guests)
      • Mid-size attendance: max attendance of 50 people (including band, singers, staff, volunteers, and invited leaders/congregants)

Update from Sanctuary Covid Task Force with Pastor Rose Lee-Norman and Andrea Lee

Covid-19 Testing

If you need help figuring out how to get tested for Covid-19, check out this page from the Minnesota Department of Health

Phased Re-opening Task Force


In summer 2020, the Sanctuary Elder Board asked Pastor Rose Lee-Norman and Operations Director Andrea Lee to co-chair  a task force to develop and implement a phased re-opening approach for best ministry practices during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.


The team consists of a diverse cross-section of thoughtful and leaders and medical professionals including Pastor Rose Lee-Norman, Dr. Nathan Chomilo, Elder Vida Kent, Andrea Lee, Jim Koch, Alana Hinkston

The Values Behind the Plan

  • We are an urban, multiethnic church intentionally planted in North Minneapolis
  • We seek to be a diverse church in a diverse community
  • We are called to serve our community which is a vulnerable population
  • We are an intergenerational church focused on the thriving of all age groups from youngest to oldest.
  • We are a family who does life together.  We worship together.  We fellowship together.  We eat together.  We seek to share our lives together.

A Phased Approach

  • Each phase will have a set of prescribed safety requirements which will include mask usage, temperature checks, no sharing of food or drinks, no singing, etc.
  • The taskforce will make a recommendation to the Elder Board based on the current conditions, state guidelines, and our church values as to when we may move to another phase.  This will be communicated regularly to the congregation.
  • The Taskforce is currently working on how we can best create policies and procedures, including how to make the registration process fair and welcoming to our members and the community.


There is no specific timeline for each phase of the re-opening plan. Moving to the next phase of back a phase is entirely dependent on current public health information at the time.

Phase 1

All online worship and ministry

Phase 2

All online worship and approved small group in-person ministries (ex: LifeGroups)

Phase 3

All online worship, approved small group in-person ministries, and approved mid-size in-person meetings (ex: fall leader training)

Phase 4

One indoor service with limited pre-registered attendance alongside a LiveStream option

Phase 5

Two indoor services with limited pre-registered attendance alongside a Live Stream option

Phase 6

A return to full capacity attendance for 2 Sunday worship services alongside a Live Stream option


If you have questions about any of the information shared in the videos below, please email

We’ll respond with an FAQ over the next week or two.

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