Through the end of November, Sanctuary will be in a sermon series called Quiet Virtues. Alongside this teaching, we will also journey together through 21 Days of Prayer focused on these quiet virtues.

Big, bold virtues like justice, courage, compassion, and love easily get our attention at The Sanctuary. These pronounced virtues are central to our church’s life and identity. Our current sermon series, however, will allow us to understand how everyday, seemingly mundane, and even overlooked quieter virtues are often the foundation of those louder virtues. Inspired by Gregory Spencer’s book, Awakening the Quieter Virtues, this sermon series will intentionally help us prepare for the upcoming holiday season by slowing down and allowing God to shape and transform us.

In addition to our sermon series, we want to enter into an intentional time of personal and corporate prayer for our church and community. Join us on a journey of 21 Days of Prayer. If we want to cultivate these Quiet Virtues, then prayer is the starting point!

Use this guide as a daily devotion in this pursuit. Each day will provide a Quiet Virtue with a prompt to Read, Reflect, Pray, and Respond, and each Saturday will include a bonus Share option. Commit to join us in personal and corporate prayer. We believe God is on the move and will transform us in this season!

As you begin, remember the aim of Christian faith is not perfection or solely striving to be good and virtuous, but growing in our faith should produce fruits of goodness and godly virtues. In concentrating on growing in these virtues it will not be uncommon to feel we fall short in these areas. But this is not a judgement and instead an opportunity for us to be formed and grow deeper in our faith.

There is power in prayer. Let’s harness that power and expect to see God’s wonders through these Quiet Virtues!