In our 2 years at this intersection, we’ve become more aware of the need to see the Spirit of God have a greater presence on this corner. We believe God doesn’t want us to live under the shadow of the “Merwin Liquor Parking Lot.” The challenges at this intersection are significant:

  • drug dealing/drug use
  • alcohol abuse
  • prostitution
  • gambling
  • violence
  • gang activity
  • littering
  • loitering

As co-owners of that parking lot, we believe God has made a way for this lot to be known as a Sanctuary Space and we are ready to take our next steps toward a new vision for changing the Spirit of the Block at the corner of Broadway and Lyndale. We believe in the life-changing presence of the Spirit of God in our community, and together we will create a more visible and safe presence.

Near term

  • Creating the Sanctuary Resource Center and connecting the campus through facade improvements, making a clear connection between the worship space and office partnership space. (we believe the “Merwin lot” can become the “Sanctuary Lot”)
  • Improved and enlarged signage, rebranding the Sanctuary Resource Center
  • Enhanced safety lighting
  • Commercial-grade Garbage Receptacles throughout the campus
  • Outdoor Music Stream
  • Peace Poles (Simple markers around the perimeter of the greenspace that proclaim this space as a place of peace)

Near Future

  • New partnerships with accessible mental health services & life skills training
  • Sanctuary Leadership Development Hub

Connecting the Campus

Sanctuary Resource Center

Project Cost:



6 Weeks

Completion Date:

July 1, 2020

Project Timeline:

  • Project total committed by year-end 2019
  • Project gifts in hand by April 1, 2020