What is a LifeGroup?

A Life Group is a group of 7-15 people who gather weekly in homes, coffee shops, and other public places for encouragement, study, fun, and, ultimately, growth.  Life Groups takes our large congregation down to a size where you can be connected to a few others.

At Sanctuary, Life Groups are inviting spaces where…

  • We gather to experience life together
  • We pray together
  • We study God’s Word together
  • We find accountability and offer it to others
  • We challenge both our emotions and our intellect
  • We pursue wholeness…fully expecting Jesus Christ to be present and to participate!

How do I get connected to a LifeGroup?

Explore the group listings. Express your interest in joining a group by filling out the form on the side where it says Interested in this Group? (Going live in mid-September)

We will work with you to find a group that works!

Connecting to a Life Group that fits will mean matching things like life stage, time availability, location, etc.  We’re encouraging people to connect with a group that is close to your home, eliminating some of the challenges that come with travel during the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Often Do Groups Meet?

Each group has the option of meeting weekly or bi-weekly (2x a month) between the months of October and May. Here’s how that generally breaks down:

Groups Schedule

  • Fall Session | October to Mid-December
  • Winter Session | Mid-January to Mid-March
  • Spring Session | April to May

Q: What will I experience in a Life Group?

  • Sharing your story
  • Exploring the Bible
  • Laughing
  • Praying
  • Eating
  • Growing

Q: What will be expected of me in a Life Group?

  • Be Present
  • Share – your story, your perspective & insights, even your food!
  • Laugh at yourself and others
  • Listen to others’ views
  • Pray

Q: Are groups open to new people?

Our Life Groups are designed to invite others into deeper relationship – with God and with others.  At the start of each year, Life Groups (with few exceptions) will “keep an open seat” for the first 2-4 weeks.  After that time, the decision is left up to the group to decide.  Many Life Groups will choose to remain open, while others may choose to close in order to prioritize trust and accountability.

Q: How will we explore the Bible?

In the Fall, Life Groups are encouraged to participate in our All-Church Study or follow the sermon series. After the Fall session, each Life Group and its leader(s) can choose to follow the sermon series or do some other approved study. Regardless of the material chosen, Life Groups will be regularly challenged to let the Scriptures inform our understanding of truth and guide us in our daily lives.

Q: Is childcare available?

Each group makes their own plans regarding childcare.

Join a Group

Fall Life Groups are open for registration now.

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Lead a Group

We’re always looking for people to lead a Life Group. Is that you? Let us know you’re interested and what type of group you would like to lead.

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